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Internet Explorer Blues

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Internet Explorer,
You're making my head sorer,
From all the damage to my layout
That you do…

Internet Explorer,
I tremble at the horror,
That z-planing looks like something
I stepped in with my shoe…

Internet Explorer,
That's output from a corn-borer,
I hit the refresh a hundred,
A thousand times…

Internet Explorer,
Be grateful I'm no juror,
Your margins and floats are
As elegant as my rhymes…

[kazoo solo]

Now, Internet Explorer,
Time to call the house restorer,
Cause I've got an axe
Like that guy in The Shining…

Oh, whoah, Internet Explorer,
My boss needs a bullroarer,
To drown out my griping and whining,
My rage is red-lining,
Beyond defining,
It's time for a side-lining.

A bad ending I'm divining,
If you don't fix that whack aligning!
There's no silver lining,
I'm well beyond declining
To support yooouuuuuuu…!

Homemade ParachuteHomemade Parachute