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If it’s us vs. them, it sounds like they’re winning. What worries me is, what do they want?

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Giant squid ‘taking over world’ [excerpts]

By Simon Benson

Giant squid are taking over the world, well at least the oceans, and they are getting bigger.

According to scientists, squid have overtaken humans in terms of total bio-mass.

That means they take up more space on the planet than us.

Squid are now regarded as the “major player” in the world oceans by sheer volume alone.

Dr George Jackson from the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean studies in Tasmania said squid thrived during environmental disasters such as global warming.

The animal ate anything in that came their way, bred whenever possible and kept growing.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN supports the theory claiming squid landings have been increasing over the past 25 years at greater rates than fish.

Read the full article at,4057,4811363^13762,00.html. Though undated, apparently it comes from 2002.

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