Office 2007

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Here I sit, sending myself mail;
I pray you, Outlook, please don't fail;
You have no margin, your padding, weak;
I just want a border, am *I* the freak?

The size is wrong, that's much too large;
The CD'll say it looks like a barge;
The leading's off, but that's okay;
You've spited me enough today.

That's supposed to be centered, you piece of crap;
No, that should have been inside the wrap!
There's extra space, I mean, what the fuck?
Never mind the links, I'm out of luck.

I curse you, forever, Office 2007!
Even Yahoo mail is looking like heaven,
My hair is grey, my patience gone,
I click one last send, and again you've won.