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Mr. James Baker, Prop.

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

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and, you know, all the other things that make the web groovy. Like content.


2011 —
Signals Design Group
Drupal. And cake! Still pretty new for me, so let’s see what happens…
2005 — 2011
Tugboat Group
Many websites, many lines of HTML, CSS, PHP, and many, many pixels designed, rethought, moved, shifted, corrected, tested, and deployed. Not as much coffee consumed as you'd think.
2001 —
Homemade Parachute
Websites, interactives, teaching, making the transition from cd-roms and games to web and web applications.
1998 — 2001
Basis Applied Technology
The kidz game years. Pokémon, Little Bear, Madeline, a wrestling game, Mickey Mouse, and some other amusements for the younger set. Lots and lots of Lingo, graphics production, animations, sprites, tool development, and way too many nights sleeping on the desk. And maybe the first ever minus-two score in Half-Life....
1994 — 1998
Emily Carr College Institute University of Art + Design
Electronic Communication Design. Who knew? An exciting time, for sure, with the web just going public, and everyone scrambling to figure out this HTML thing, and hexidecimal, and what's this "Netscape" thing over here....
1988 — 1993
University of Winnipeg
I'm looking at you, Mr. Pynchon.... Well, not literally, obviously....

But now:

Homemade ParachuteHomemade Parachute