Sales Are Off the Charts

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

(In Tim Cook’s office:)
‘And the man who holds the stock options
Must be the one to start
To injection mould a new reality,
Our sales are off the charts!’

(At RIM World HQ:)
‘The Blackberry and the PlayBook,
Aren’t being added to the carts!
We’re feeling kinda hosed right now,
Our sales are dropping like a dart!’

(At the Googleplex:)
‘Solicitors and Attourneys,
Each must know his part
To cover up the “inspiration”,
Their sales are off the charts… :-(’

(On the Windows 8 team:)
‘Oh, woe, you can block the gui,
And I’ll erase the “Start”,
Fading into irrelevancy,
Their sales are off the chart…’