A Young Person’s PHP Primer

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

A is for array,
    with values and keys;
B is for boolean,
    true or false, don’t tease!

C is for constant,
    defined only once;
So you’d better get it right,
    coz D is for dunce.

E is for exception,
    something you can catch,
F is foreach,
    time to run a batch!

G is for global,
    else the var’s out of reach;
H is for hash,
    not encryption, I teach.

I is for if,
    let us ponder, and wonder,
J is for JSON,
    so your front end knuckles under.

K is for key,
    which orders your arrays,
L is for leak,
    it’s been one of those days…

M is for memory,
    too quickly disbursed,
N is for .NET,
    see? your life could be worse!

O is for object,
    made of classes, it’s true;
P is for print,
    which you should never do.

Q is for query,
    run as many as you want!
R is for regex,
    (you are using a monospaced font?)

S is for switch,
    a fast way to check it,
T is for timezone,
    don’t forget to set it!

U is for unset,
    I’m sure you’ll forget,
V is for variable,
    slippery, dry or wet.

W is for while,
    a chance to relax,
X is for XML,
    as fun as paying your tax.

Y is the big one,
    when there’s ColdFusion, and Ruby;
Z is for Zend,
    now you’re no longer the newbie!