WordPress Blues

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Well I stepped in some shit,
With holes in my shoes,
An’ I didn’t even care,
Cos I got the Wordpress Blues.

My dog up and croaked,
But mister, there’s worse news,
It stripped out all my <p> tags,
Lord, spare me the Wordpress Blues.

’Ere’s rain coming through the ceiling,
& smoke coming out the flues,
Someone hardcoded ’ese goddamned ID’s,
Sir, I got the WordPress Blues.

’Ere ain’t no booze in the cupboard,
& only vegetables in the stews,
’Ese user permissions are a crock o’ shit,
Dammit, you WordPress Blues!

Well, sometimes my cat pees on the floor,
& sometimes, well, he poos,
But I’ll take ’at any day o’ the week,
Over all these WordPress Blues!