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WordPress Blues

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Aw, screw you, WordPress
I did not need this duress
Just upload my goddamned file
That beach ball's been spinning for more than a while.

Jeez, it looks like you got stuck
And I was just about to—FUCK!
Why are you inserting that tag?
Working with you's like bathing in a quag-
Mire. This is dire.

Why is this always such a bloody scrimmage?
All I want is to post this section
I'm certainly losing my—

—Well that was unexpected
The permalink gets misdirected
The path is broken, the page unfound
And I am howling like a hound.

You're the IE7 of CMSs, WP…

Homemade ParachuteHomemade Parachute